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The Mind Designer has evolved to include a holistic, fully remote incubator program created specifically to remove barriers and create a pathway into innovative entrepreneurship for those who are underrepresented in business leadership:

  • Latina and Black women entrepreneurs, regardless of where they live or want to start their businesses.

  • Parents who are too busy managing a career and a home life to join months-long incubators.

  • LGBTQIA founders who want to disrupt the corporate status quo by building inclusive cultures.


“That feeling... that ‘can't think of anything other than this crazy-good idea’ feeling, that ‘every moment spent working for someone else is a waste’ feeling, that ‘I want to get started on my own business NOW!’ feeling is what brought you here... right now!”


At the Mind Designer we believe that an entrepreneur needs more than just skills, they need to understand what makes a successful CEO from the inside out.

We believe that true entrepreneurial success lies in tying the emotional with the practical so that we can become the empathetic leaders we need today. We also know the importance of meeting our founders where they are and thoughtfully addressing the hurdles that often elude women, mothers, Latinx and Black Founders. Our mission is to guide those with unmatched perseverance and resilience, but who are still stumbling through the startup journey. To reach those with world-changing ideas and dreams, but who still lack the support needed to propel them upwards.

Through our work with corporate leaders, we’ve seen how much your voice is missing… we’ve seen what happens when the entrepreneurial path is only open to a few… and we’re here to change that.

And that’s where you come in!

We are looking for grit and hustle. We are in search of BIG ideas and diverse insights.

We want to guide those who have what it takes to be the role models we are lacking so that more BIG ideas from more diverse perspectives become #ournewnormal.

Are you in!?



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We will NEVER ask for a piece of your company: Most incubators will require that you give up equity in your company or pay royalties of your future earnings just to participate.

We take care of your whole self: We know that you’re more than just a founder. You’re also a partner, a mother, a sister, a daughter… we welcome all parts of you.

We meet you where you are: Not sure what equity means? Not sure how to register your business? Not sure about investments? No problem, we’ll guide you there.

We’re with you for the LONG-TERM: No time limit here! The road to entrepreneurship is made of zig-zags, that’s why you get LIFETIME access to our entire program, including new releases!


Hear it from those who have been exactly where you are...


“This for any entrepreneur looking to expand beyond their comfort zone and start making business dreams into a reality.

I really needed help with prioritizing all of my action steps and figuring out what’s important and what is able to wait. Also recognizing my perfectionist tendencies and being able to move forward even when things may not be perfect. Nastassia was able to help me talk through some potential roadblocks and create a plan for overcoming obstacles. She also was really great and helping me stay accountable for executing my plan.” - Rachel M.


“As a coach, Nas helped me gain important clarity as to what I was looking for and we worked together to set goals each week to take charge and accomplish these things. Not only were we able to work on immediate goals at hand, but we dug deeper into the underlying obstacles that were in the way. Once we were able to remove these blocks, then moving forward on pursuing my dreams was easy!” - Cindy F.


“In a short time, we addressed a lot of very difficult scenarios, and she was not put off by how complicated these things were. Nas knows how to keep you on track and how to identify clues to areas where you may be blocked.

She doesn’t let you get away with excuses and keeps you focused and in a kind way. Nas believes you can change or take a new approach, to do things differently to get new results. She lives up to her company name by encouraging you to have the guts to design a life that makes the most sense for you, by giving you permission to explore what that would look like, which is very exciting!” - Sofia A.

“I was just 6 months post-delivery. There was so much going on during that time I really needed someone to get me back in the game full-force. She comes from a point of view of helping mentally and entrepreneurially. It was not only about how to get my business better, but how to get my mind better.” - Katie N.

“Before I started working with Nas, I was stuck on my MVP... I don't even know if I knew that term. Nas really helped scale back, focus on the core of my business and put me on the track to getting it out there. I love working with Nas, I always feel good and inspired.” - Paige P.

“Nastassia led me step-by-step all the through what I needed to do in order to be a success.

I’m proof that when you put your mind to what you plan on doing and follow the steps that Nastassia has laid out for you… you can do it!” - Charity C.


Is this incubator for you?

If you feel like you really want to start a business NOW! You have a desperate hunger to get started TODAY! If you are absolutely fed up with working for other people and willing to commit to whatever it takes to start your business.

And you are NOT A VICTIM and are willing to take 100% of the responsibility for your business journey. 


you don’t feel confident in your abilities, have doubts about where and how to start or have no idea how to run a business