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Leadership Development with a D.E.I. conscience.

The MIND DESIGNER is a Leadership Development coaching coalition specializing in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Our approach to Leadership Development Coaching is a little different… Sure, we help leaders develop their skills, but our unique methods allow us to dig a little deeper, so we can identify and mitigate implicit biases and long held beliefs that may be getting in the way of truly inclusive leadership.

We make it easy for leaders to tackle tough and sensitive issues, and develop buy-in to bring about change in their current culture.


What do we do? And how do we do it?

We are here to make Diversity, Equity and Inclusion part of your organization’s DNA. Whether through Diversity and Inclusion assessments, long-term strategy, or coaching, we build a unique road map of services based on your company’s specific needs.

How do we approach Leadership Development?

Our focus in Leadership Development is to coach the whole person, not just as an employee, but as a human first. We believe that when a person is allowed to bring their full selves to a coaching engagement, they are able to develop better leadership skills to lead themselves and their teams.

What Is Diversity and Inclusion Coaching?

While we work to optimize and foster authentic leadership, we also help leaders identify their blind spots and implicit biases, giving them the tools to thoughtfully address difficult topics such as harassment and discrimination.


We help organizations leverage diversity to create better work cultures, better products, and better customer service. We’re all about the culture add.

— Nastassia C. S.


Our Practice

We found a huge gap in today’s Leadership Development Coaching industry in the lack of training and skills to help leaders navigate a corporate world that is more diverse and inclusive. We want companies and its leaders to have integrity and lead from a place that welcomes open dialogue and equity for each and every person in the organization.

We don’t coach logos, we coach people. And some great people at these awesome companies have counted on us. From small teams building the foundation of a new startup, to large organizations refreshing their values and shaking up the status quo, we have happy customers of all sizes.

In their words…

“The assessment test at the beginning was helpful to see where I am. It helped me to remind myself that I am actually pretty conscious, which helps me to have hope that I can improve, if I change how I look at things, and what meaning I make of things. It also reminded me to be grateful for my strengths, to not be so hard on myself.”

“I had a major feeling of impostor syndrome and I wasn’t treated very well as a woman of color. It would have been more devastating dealing with that without [DEI coaching]. I really liked the guidance from someone who had experience in what I was going through. [My coach] led me step-by-step all the way through what I needed to do in order to be a success.”


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