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I moved to LA in my early twenties and fell into the tech world almost by accident when a friend brought me into one of the MANY tech startups in Silicon Beach.

That's all it took, I was bitten by the tech startup bug and dove head first into the work culture.  I have a love and passion for efficiency and optimization, but while the small team I was a part of was focused on sales and marketing, I knew what we really needed was better, more inclusive leadership. Even as I progressed in my career, I watched as lower performers with less experience were getting promoted and my own strengths being undervalued and overlooked.  And let's not even go into the harassment side of things...

I also started to observe frustrated leaders who felt they didn’t have the tools to solve these issues. And the more I met other women and minorities experiencing similar things, shifting to Leadership Development with a focus on Diversity and Inclusion felt like an obvious, natural transition in my career trajectory.

It was then, I decided to make it my mission to coach the kinds of leaders I would have wanted to work for, in businesses I wanted to be a part of. 

Now with almost a decade of experience and training in Leadership Development and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategies, and counting some of the world’s best coaches and strategists as part of my team, I feel privileged to watch my clients grow and become pioneers in creating better work environments for all.

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Nastassia C S

Nastassia, CPC + ELI-MP

Founder and CEO